Partner up.
Build IT project teams.
Get rewarded.

TF Alliance

Key benefits
Our clients become members of a trusted network of IT companies
All business data is confidential
Our blockchain data storage technology ensures secure and effective transactions
We undertake the hiring and onboarding challenges and guide specialists and contractors to enjoy good cooperation
Streamline your business processes
Get the expertise that will bring your projects to life and make full use of your in-house talent
Professional profiles
Resource scheduling
Company profiles
Project track records
Credential verification
Project entry requirements
Shared pool of accomplished specialists
Successful project delivery
Our mission is to optimise the project resource management with a shared use of expertise
By partnering with us you get to work exclusively with top-tier professionals even in a tight labour market
Get a high-performance IT team through tokenized transactions
How it works
We build teams of specialists with relevant expertise to meet your project needs and manage onboarding processes
Data encryption
The highest level of information security
Business information is exchanged via transactions in the blockchain
Platform members get rewarded for providing professional profiles of their experts
A multitude of IT specialists are ready to deliver solutions satisfying your business needs
Leave it to TF Alliance experts to select qualified and accomplished professionals with the set of skills required to implement the commissioned project
Whether you need a team of experts or wish to deploy your downtime specialists - we have got you covered
Transparency matters! You can get a detailed step-by-step description on the operations of the Platform
Our goal is to provide the best experience for you - our team will solve any possible concerns in no time
All business information and intellectual property is secure and held confidential
Contracted teams work exclusively on your projects
Want to meet the members of the project team? We will gladly plan the business trip
Have the last word on the selected professionals - you can interview any candidate and change the line-up
Do not let the understaffing limit your business opportunities - TF Alliance is here for you
The Platform has its own virtual currency which is used to cover the cost of the Platform’s services and is exchangeable with real world currency
A single digital platform for optimising the shared use of expertise within the partnership network through a secure information and communication technology
Promoting mutual trust, commitment and engagement of companies in a collaborative work
In order to prevent unauthorised access and disclosure, we use encrypted transmission of data
Team as a Service
Get an effective project team of reliable experts that will deliver the IT solution you need

Discover how you can raise the game with TF Alliance

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